Calgary Roofing Company

Calgary Roofing Company

When your roofing system is quite old and worn out, you might want to replace it with the newest version of the same type if it served you well until recently. However, this might not always be the right decision, especially if there are more advanced roofs that offer a host of advantages, including better curb appeal, improved energy efficiency, and longer lifespan.

At Second Generation Exteriors, we’re a family-run, professional, and fully licensed Calgary roofing company. Our contractors are extensively experienced and can provide second to none guidance on the ideal roofing material for your home.

How to Select the Best Roof for Your Property

If your roof is failing, it’s probably time to have a new one installed. Below are various factors you need to consider to ensure you choose the perfect roof for your home.

  • Home Architecture and Style

It’s important to consider the architecture and style of your property when choosing the type of roof to install. For example, which roofing material will match the style and color of your home? Picking the right color and style will enhance the curb appeal of your home and also the value of your house.

  • Longevity

Do you intend to live in your house for many years? If so, it’s advisable to invest in a roofing system with a longer life span. Although you will pay more for such a roof initially, it will be worth it over time. For instance, tile and metal roofs can last for 50 years with proper maintenance. These materials have a considerably lower lifecycle cost and quite durable, saving you money in the long run.

  • Roof Performance

The fact is, every roof is different. Some can withstand snow and rain better, while others are unmatched when it comes to impact and heat. Your roofing material of choice should address the demands of your weather and climate to guarantee adequate protection of your home over the years.

  • Price

A new roof is a significant yet crucial investment. Therefore, you should make an informed decision when selecting a roofing system. Although a high-performing roof with a longer life span will come with a higher price tag, it will offer you value for your money. There’s minimal risk of damage or malfunction with such a roof, meaning you’ll not need to incur much in terms of future repairs and premature replacement.

  • Homeowners Association and Local Building Codes

Some residential areas have a Homeowners Association with their own set of regulations. They are meant to maintain a particular level of value, quality, and style in the neighborhood. Also, it’s important to comply with all your local and state building codes. They serve to protect your roof and home and ensure roofing systems are installed correctly according to the rules and regulations.

A reputable local roofer like us, familiar with the rules, restrictions, and codes, can make sure your new roof adheres to all the regulations.

Best in Class Roofing Experts

If you need an affordable and dependable roof, we’re your go-to experts. Our Calgary roofing company offers top-notch, competitive roofing services. You can count on our finest roofing contractors to ensure your home remains safe, energy-efficient, and protected from the elements. For roofing installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance, get in touch with us today: +1 (587) 968-3525.