Fort Saskatchewan Hydrovacs Fills

Fort Saskatchewan Hydrovacs Fills

The traditional excavation method was using hydraulic excavators and hand tools. It was common for staff to have frequent accidents and cause damage to underground utilities or digging tools. Most recently, North America has a record of 400,000 excavation accidents in 2017 alone. Such numbers led to the pressing need for safe and less intrusive tools to replace human labor and weak digging tools.

What is hydro excavation?

It uses pressurized water and a vacuum to dig the ground while removing soil simultaneously. The hydrovac units are attachable to trucks and trailers in many different sizes. This excavation method is standard in many other infrastructure and construction projects because of the massive benefits of precision with the best water service in Fort Saskatchewan.

Common applications of hydrovacs

  • Slot trenching – Digging a narrow trench to install pipes, posts, cables, and other underground systems. It is the best method because it delivers the highest level of needed precision.
  • Installation projects – The hydrovac can dig and install fence posts, utility signs, and other features needing precise measurements and extensive depth.
  • Daylighting – Most operators have plenty of requests to create potholes. We offer the safest option to excavate around objects without exposing them while ensuring accurate and secure results.

Reasons to consider a hydrovac system.


The standard Fort Saskatchewan hydrovacs fills are generally a safer bet. The mechanical excavation system uses metal claws, and shovels wot dig underground spots using pressurized water. This process does not damage facilities, especially when you want to protect underneath features like pipelines.


The hydrovac uses residential water management in Fort Saskatchewan to make the ground muddy while maintaining a controlled and precise water flow. The method is ideal for commercial and residential properties because it is valid for parks with drainage problems or gardens with extensive roots.

The water makes the process several times better than when using different digging processes. Rendering the ground loose is the easiest way of reaching the farthest and hardest ground fast. Ultimately, we prevent financial loss by limiting the amount of repair work needed for hydrovac fills.

Climatic suitability

The hydrovac system is best for cold climates with gigantic excavation services. Digging in the bitter cold is challenging because one has to battle through-hardened ice and soil layers. We use the water method with heating systems to create trenches that help clean debris and support intense bore drills.

How we choose the right hydrovac truck for the project

Ground settings

The ground condition depends on the weather. Winter will have frozen soils, while summer is likely to have loose and dry ground. We use a system to heat the ground for winter and a hydrovac waste facility tank with proper dust suction systems for summer excavations.


In most cases, it is not necessary or advisable to drive trucks into home backyards. We need a more powerful blower to work a long distance away from the truck.

We should analyze the site and project requirements of hydrovac facilities in Fort Saskatchewan before commencing. The site visit will also reveal expected budgets and time to complete the project with a bulk water station. Contact 780-991-1934 for more details on our hydrovac services.


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Fort Saskatchewan Hydrovacs Fills

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