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turbo-set Liquid Membrane Systems

Turboset is a breakthrough technology that allows us to save on labour costs and instillation time. Which in turn saves you up to 60% of the cost of traditional roof replacements. With four times the warranty.

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Turbo Set Liquid Membrane

About Turbo Set

Developed by the Research and Development team at Polyglass U.S.A., Turbo-Set is an innovative two-component, water-based, liquid-applied roofing system. This advanced system utilizes Blue-Cure Technology to speed up drying and cure time. Using state-of-the-art proprietary equipment, Turbo-Set is spray-applied in a single coat.

Turbo-Set’s advanced technology provides numerous advantages to the building owner:

One-Pass Application

Traditional acrylic roof coatings must be applied in a series of coating layers—with a minimum of one-day drying time for each coat—in order to build the necessary millage. This means man-hours, trips to the job site, and potential for lost days due to weather, as well as opportunities for inefficiencies, potential cost leaks and other delays.

A key performance attribute of the Turbo-Set system is its capability to be applied at virtually any millage of coating—in one pass. One pass with all 10-year warrantied systems, 15-year warrantied systems and 20-year warrantied systems.

The advantages of Turbo-Set

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